Best call you’ll make!

Best call you’ll make!

I’ve been practicing law in Wichita for 45 years and using RBS IT Solutions since I opened my current office in 2012. Previously, we had to outsource to separate entities for each of our needs - but RBS IT Solutions can handle all of our technology needs. I hired RBS IT Solutions to install the computer equipment in my office. I explained to them what I expected, and they filled in the blank to give me the amenities I needed.

What I like most about RBS IT Solutions is their prompt, knowledgeable, and efficient service. If my phones go down I’m out of business, if my network fails, if I can’t get on the internet to file with the court or correspond with clients, I’m out of business.

A couple years ago I had lightning travel the phone line. The surge blew our modem, phones and copier. RBS IT Solutions came out and replaced all that the same day. Definitely call RBS IT Solutions, it’ll be the best call you can make.

Alex Mitchell
Owner / Attorney
Alex Mitchell Law Office P.A

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