Extension of my own department

Extension of my own department

RBS IT Solutions has been helping us since 2014 with our IT and computer needs. Initially, we were deploying a new database, and they were incredibly helpful. Shortly after that, we transferred to a new location and they’ve been our sole IT support since then. Some things we love about working with RBS IT Solutions is they’re extremely prompt, very polite, we usually have the same tech who visits, and they work very diligently until everything is completed. We feel they are an extension of our own service department.

When we had a power surge, our computers went down, and RBS IT Solutions was here under 2 hours and got us running. With RBS IT Solutions, they will stay and work through all of our intricate, bizarre issues making sure that we are 100% functional before they leave.

If you’re not sure that you need an IT partner, you’re wrong; RBS IT Solutions has allowed us an enormous amount of ease in our own business, they’re a great partner, their techs follow everything thru. They’ve become an essential part of our business because we are able to take care of our clients and other more important tasks.

Aeramy K Porter
Paulseen Financial Group

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