VoIP Communications

Reduce phone bills by making and receiving calls over the internet

With globalization and the breakneck business competition, it is increasingly important for SMBs to stay up to date with technology. And the first step is to improve your communication capabilities. However, traditional landlines won’t be able to offer features that allow you to do so. This is why it’s time to switch to RBS IT Solutions’s VoIP Communications.

Our solution lets you take advantage of enterprise-level phone features without the high costs and headache-inducing setups. With VoIP, you will enjoy features such as Follow Me, Auto-Attendant, Video Conferencing, Call-to-Email, and so much more.

RBS IT Solutions’s VoIP Communications solution allows you to:

  • Contact colleagues on their VoIP phone from anywhere, at any time
  • Dramatically reduce your telecommunication expenses
  • Encrypt calls to prevent eavesdropping and protect confidential information
  • Use a single number to handle all incoming and outgoing calls

Find out how much savings you can make with VoIP

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