Point to Point Link Installation Service

Transmit computer, video, or voice data more efficiently via laser light between two units.

Point to Point technology is very much like fiber optic technology in that it uses a light source to transmit the data; however, instead of being contained in a cable, the laser signal is transmitted through air (free space).

Free Space Optics (FSO), also called Optical Wireless, is an optical communication technology that enables data to be transmitted entirely wirelessly. To function, the two buildings need to be in the ‘line of sight’ of each other with no obstruction in between the transceiver units.


Other benefits of FSO technology include

  • Leased line replacement
  • Cost-effective fiber replacement
  • High bandwidths available of up to 10 Gigabits
  • Licence-free operation
  • Rapid deployment of less than a day
  • Immune from interference
  • Ideal for setting up disaster recovery instead of using leased lines
  • Ideal for urban areas or city centers where the use of leased lines is expensive
  • Suitable for factories or industrial environments where high noise levels can interfere with transmitted data

Laser Link FSO technology supplied by RBS are fitted with Automatic Transmit Power Control (ATPC) technology. This allows the system to operate effectively, regardless of atmospheric conditions. As visibility diminishes, the power settings on each unit automatically increases. It is vitally important for us to supply top-of-the-line equipment that fully supports network activity.

Units supplied by RBS are accompanied with user-friendly Windows based software that allows network managers to monitor the system at all times. And if problems do occur, our Support Team is just a phone call away.

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