Antivirus & Spam Protection

Protect your inboxes from malicious links and your systems from malware

RBS IT Solutions’s Antivirus & Spam Protection ensures that inbound emails are free from spam, phishing links, virus, and other malware. The smart scanning feature detects potentially infected messages in real time and quarantines or deletes them before they can wreak havoc on your systems. Our solution allows SMBs to take advantage of the same first-class protection that enterprises enjoy at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

With our Antivirus & Spam Protection, unsuspecting employees are protected from malicious links that come disguised in emails. Also, you can get peace of mind knowing that your IT systems are protected from existing and emerging malware.

RBS IT Solutions’s Antivirus & Spam Protection service includes:

  • Advanced, real-time attachment and link analysis
  • Unlimited storage in our fully secured cloud
  • Threat detection that automatically quarantines suspicious emails
  • Encryption schemes that ensure all sensitive emails are protected
  • Email continuity that keeps communications available during partial network outages

Find out how we can keep your systems clean

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