What is the cloud, and is it really as revolutionary as everyone says

We’ve written a free eBook to answer your lingering questions

There’s nothing wrong with being confused by cloud technology. If understanding and managing it was effortless, we’d be out of business. But you do need a modicum of awareness to ensure you aren’t getting swindled. We wrote Demystifying the Cloud: What it is and why you should care to educate those interested in moving to the cloud who need background information on how it works and why they need it.


With this download, you’ll learn:

  • The most common uses of cloud technology for small- and medium-sized businesses
  • Why certain benefits are inherent to every cloud platform
  • How to maximize cost savings with your various cloud solutions
  • …and more

There’s no catch, fine print, and we have no ulterior motive with this offer. RBS IT merely hopes that when the time comes to hire a managed services provider, you’ll remember the team that took the time to bring you up to speed. And if you still don’t feel fully prepared after reading our eBook -- the answers to all your questions are just a phone call away!

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RBS IT Is My “IT” Department

Mathnasium of West Wichita is a small business and a fan of RBS IT. RBS IT is my “IT” department because they understand small business. When I’ve got a problem, they are super responsive. Their staff is professional, on-time, and knowledgable. I wouldn’t use anyone else regardless of price.

Rick Conklin, Owner / Center Director - Mathnasium of West Wich

Their Team Is Very Knowledgeable, Very Professional, And Available

As a small business owner I often wear many hats, however the convenience and affordability of RBS IT has made it possible to have one less thing on my plate. Their team is very knowledgeable, very professional, and available. When issues occur they are always readily available to help us and make us feel like their top priority. I can’t say enough positive things about them and the value it has added to my business. I would highly recommend RBS IT to everyone. Thank you Brandon and the entire RBS IT team for everything you do.

Nela Bayouth